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Structure Data Testing Tool

Test structured data, but this also shows what puppy sites look like to google in terms of html.

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A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you ca [...]

A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

CSS with a minimal footprint.

Pure is ridiculously tiny. The entire set of modules clocks in at 4.0KB* minified and gzipped. Crafted with mobile devices in mind, it was important to us to keep our file sizes small, and every line of CSS was carefully considered. If you decide to only use a subset of these modules, you'll save even more bytes.

* We can add correctly :) the numbers above are individual module sizes; when grouped together they compress (gzip) even more.

Your CSS foundation.

Pure builds on Normalize.css and provides layout and styling for native HTML elements, plus the most common UI components. It's what you need, without the cruft.

Made with mobile in mind.

Pure is responsive out of the box, so elements look great on all screen sizes.

Stays out of your way.

Pure has minimal styles and encourages you to write your application styles on top of it. It's designed to get out of your way and makes it easy to override styles.

Create responsive layouts.

By using Grids, Menus, and more, it's easy to create beautiful responsive layouts for all screen sizes. We've made it easy for you to get started. Take a look at a few different layouts and start your next web project with a rock-solid foundation.

View Layouts

Create your own look and feel.

Unlike other frameworks, Pure's design is unopinionated, minimal and flat. We believe that it's much easier to add new CSS rules than to overwrite existing rules. By adding a few lines of CSS, you can customize Pure's appearance to work with your web project.

Extend Pure

This site is built with <3 using Pure v0.6.0
All code on this site is licensed under the Yahoo BSD License unless otherwise stated.

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Las Vegas Hotel Websites and Casino Links

Official Las Vegas hotel websites and phone number [...]
Official Las Vegas hotel websites and phone numbers. List of all the hotel and casino website links in Las Vegas.
September 02

Vital Vegas Blog | Las Vegas blog for news, tips and WTF.

Las Vegas blog for news, tips and WTF.

Vital Vegas Blog

Las Vegas blog for news, tips and WTF.

Demolition Begins at Downtown’s La Bayou Casino

We’ve said it a lot, but the only constant in Las Vegas is nipples. Sorry, change. Well, all right, they’re both constants, but right now we’re talking about change, so get your mind out of the gutter for once in your life.

La Bayou casino closed on June 27, 2016, along with its sister venues Mermaids and the Girls of Glitter Gulch. Demolition of La Bayou is now in the works, and isn’t expected to take long given the petite footprint of this former “grind joint.”

The scaffolding around La Bayou’s facade reveals it’s no longer around a facade.

La Bayou, Mermaids and the Girls of Glitter Gulch strip club were purchased by Derek and Greg Stevens, owners of The D and Golden Gate.

The pair also purchased Las Vegas Club on Fremont Street, with plans to open a new resort just across from the La Bayou site. The new project is being referred to as “18 Fremont” informally, until a name is chosen.

La Bayou was a mere 130 deep and 25 feet wide. So, yeah, about a two-day demolition job.

Derek Stevens shared some details about the Las Vegas Club project on our Vital Vegas Podcast. (This was the same episode where Stevens revealed he shakes so many hands during the course of an evening at The D, he has to ice his hand on the drive home.)

Specific plans for the La Bayou space haven’t been announced, but given that it is adjacent to Golden Gate, it’s likely the site will be used for a casino expansion.

Here’s a better look at the bulletin board, including a note titled, “Scripts,” that says, “Welcome to La Bayou. The next drawing will be in a few minutes. What can I get you to drink? Have a seat anywhere and I’ll be right out with your order.”

La Bayou (French for “don’t touch anything or you’ll contract human papillomavirus”) was perhaps best-known for being the casino where this Las Vegas blog had one of its first strawberry daiquiris in Sin City. Well, that’s how we best know it, anyway.

Others enjoyed Lay Bayou’s free Mardi Gras beads, distributed by women in costumes stitched sometime around the Carter administration.

La Bayou operated under several names since it opened in 1913. It opened as the Las Vegas Coffee House, and was followed by Northern Club, Monte Carlo Club and Coin Castle. The Northern Club is notable because it was granted the very first gaming license in Nevada. Which is doubly notable because at the time the owner was a woman, Mayme Stocker.

Hopefully, someone checked for gold dust under the floor boards. Hey, that might have been a thing back in the day.

La Bayou suffered from neglect in recent years, so it was about time the old girl be put out of her misery.

It’s expected building on the La Bayou site won’t happen until 2017.

Reverse shot of La Bayou’s facade. And, yes, we’re fully cognizant we need to get a life.

The Stevens brothers have breathed new life into The D, formerly Fitzgerald’s, and Golden Gate, the oldest casino in Las Vegas, so we look forward to seeing their much-needed revitalization of the west end of the Fremont Street Experience (where this blog works in digital marketing, by the way).

We’d love to hear any La Bayou memories you’d care to share. Especially if they involve blacking out or hooking up with a stranger. Because Vegas.

Update (9/1/16): Holy crap. Yes, that’s the update. Holy crap.

We thought the demolition of La Bayou was moving quickly when we saw half the casino gone overnight. Well, after a second night, La Bayou is virtually gone.

Remember the building that was here yesterday? Today, not so much.

Demolition experts have deconstructed La Bayou in record time, two days to be exact, to make way for a Golden Gate expansion. Demolition of the Riviera, by comparison, took upwards of six months.

That’s all that’s left of La Bayou. Should take about 20 more minutes to finish the job.

Here’s a last peek a the former La Bayou site.

Crews had to take care not to damage the adjacent building, the Viva Las Vegas gift shop.

What’s left of the structure could pretty much be cleaned up with a dust pan.

You know we’ll keep an eye on what’s next. The bigger. The better. The Vegaser. Which may not be a word, but probably should be.

Six Tactics to Peacefully Coexist With Las Vegas Timeshare Salespersons

Las Vegas visitors have a love-hate relationship with timeshare salespeople. And by “love-hate,” of course, we mean “hate.”

If you ask the typical Las Vegas hotel guest about their worst experiences in Sin City, they’ll inevitably regale you with a story about running a gauntlet of timeshare salespeople who just wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Well, we decided it was high time to chat up a timeshare sales expert to get the inside scoop about this mysterious world, and here are six tactics to peacefully coexist with these hard-working and often misunderstood folks just trying to make a living like the rest of us schlubs.

How lucrative are timeshare sales in Las Vegas? Rio Las Vegas has a timeshare sales area in the middle of its casino floor.

Interacting with timeshare salespeople doesn’t have to be a hostile or even annoying encounter.

When you’re approached, start by realizing the salesperson’s goal isn’t to annoy you. It’s to make a deal (and make a commission). Their job is to provide you with something a lot of people are interested in, otherwise the job wouldn’t exist. In fact, Las Vegas is the number one place for timeshares in the U.S. Hello, it’s Las Vegas.

The single best thing you can do to avoid being pestered (it’s also called “persistence,” by the way, which often works because in timeshare sales, “no” often means “convince me”) is to help the salesperson disqualify you as a customer.

That’s right. Help them. Talking to people who aren’t customers is a waste of time for salespeople, so help them. How do you do this? It helps to know the code.

Beware timeshare enticements like free slot pulls like this one on Fremont Street. Just keep moving, avoid eye contact.

Once you know the right thing to do or say, your interaction with timeshare salespersons will be pleasant, and more importantly, brief.

Here, then, are six strategies to let a timeshare salesperson know you’re a waste of their time.

1. Fly Solo

When you’re walking alone, you’re much less likely to be approached by someone selling timeshares. So, if you’re part of a couple and see timeshare people nearby, split up for a minute. You’ll survive. Interestingly, individuals are still approached on rare occasions. Males, though, who are alone, are virtually never approached. Females are.

2. Say You’re a Local

This tactic is gold. Locals are disqualified immediately as prospective clients, so just say you’re a local. If you don’t like “lying,” use another tactic. But remember, these aren’t “lies,” they’re code. You’re a local.

3. Be Leaving Town Today

Hearing you’re leaving town today is a buzzkill for timeshare salespersons, which makes it an especially effective message to have at your disposal.

4. Be Younger Than 25

If you are younger than 25 years old, say so. If you look 25 or younger, say you’re younger than 25. That’s the cut-off most timeshare salespeople use to decide if someone is a likely customer, so use that knowledge to your advantage if you can.

Westgate Las Vegas is a hotbed of timeshare activity. Now, you have some coping mechanisms if you visit.

5. Walk With Someone of the Same Gender

Timeshare salespeople are first-and-foremost looking for married couples. So, same-sex couples are rarely approached. If you’re gay, you meet the “couple” qualification, so there’s still a chance you’ll get hit up. See one of the other tactics.

6. Say You Already Did the Timeshare Presentation

Boom. You’re not interested. Not because timeshares aren’t awesome. Not because you hate timeshare salespeople. You’ve already had the presentation, so the conversation is over. Dead in its tracks. You’re now free to enjoy your vacation. You’re welcome.

There you have it. You’re now fully equipped to interact with timeshare salespeople in a whole new way.

Be friendly. Help them disqualify you as a potential customer, immediately and finally. Know the code, and get back to having the time of your life in Las Vegas.

Renovated Chandelier Bar Opens at Cosmo With New Cocktails, Comp Drink Voucher System

One of the most stunning casino bars in the world, Chandelier at Cosmopolitan, is now even stunninger following a million dollar renovation.

Yes, “stunninger.” We attended public school.

Chandelier bar at Cosmo has three levels. The casino level (with two bars) has been overhauled, with additional seating, swanky furniture, more video poker machines (eight at Main Bar, 10 at Side Bar) and a new specialty cocktail menu.

Main Bar sits on Chandelier’s first level with Side Bar. Up a flight is level 1.5, and there’s yet another at the top level. Consider it a liver obstacle course.

The unveiling of the renovated first level of Chandelier is accompanied by a new comped drink voucher system. Rather, it’s new for Chandelier bar, but is already being used in the Cosmopolitan’s Bond Bar, sports book bar and other casino bars in Las Vegas.

Basically, when you sit at the bar and put $20 into the video poker machine, you get a free drink. Vegas, baby.

After that, if you play at least $1 per hand, uninterrupted for 20 minutes, a voucher will let your bartender know you’ve earned another comped drink.

Similar drink monitoring systems are already in place in the lobby bar at Mirage and the sports book bar at Caesars Palace. In the next year or two, it’s likely similar systems will appear in most if not all casinos in Las

Chandelier’s new voucher system seems fair, but don’t take a break or the comp drink countdown clock resets. The good news is Cosmo bartenders can use their discretion to override the automated drink voucher system. Take that, Skynet!

The Cosmopolitan has a long-standing reputation for creating exceptional signature cocktails, so guests can look forward to a new slate of drinks during their next visit to Chandelier bar.

Specialty cocktails run $16, but if you’re playing at the aforementioned level, they’re comped.

Signature cocktails include the colorfully-named Afternoon Delight, Keep Your Pansies On, Give Peach a Chance, Becky With the Good Hair, Spritzfaced and Whiskey Business.

There’s also the Mr. Miyagi, pictured below, inspired by a classic cocktail, the Grasshopper.

The Mr. Miagi at Chandelier Bar. It wasn’t our cup of tea, but judge for yourself.

Here’s a closer look at Chandelier’s specialty cocktail menu.

While the casino level of Chandelier has been given a facelift, the professionalism and friendliness of the staff remains completely unchanged. Bartenders at Chandelier are outgoing and experts at their craft.

How much is Cosmopolitan trying to woo Asian high rollers? An anagram for Chandelier is “China Elder.” Which is totally not just a coincidence.

No matter which level of Chandelier you choose (ask about signature cocktails specific to each floor), you’re in for an unforgettable Las Vegas lounge experience at Cosmopolitan.

While we were at Cosmopolitan, we learned another casino bar, Queue Bar, will close Sep. 5, 2016 to make way for an Identity Lounge for loyalty club members. Oh, and possibly some new restrooms. We don’t make up the news, we just report it.

Don’t cry because Queue Bar is closing, smile because you’re blitzed.

Queue Bar is down to about five video poker machines (most were removed and relocated to Chandelier), so swing by while you still can.

When you’re at Cosmopolitan, make sure to check out the newly-renovated high limit salon. Previously, the room held both slots and table games, but now the slots have been moved to a dedicated space. Apparently, table games players don’t love having slots nearby, and Cosmopolitan is making sure its high-end players are happy.

Photography isn’t permitted in the high limit room, so, unfortunately, we’re unable to share the gorgeous photo above.

Enjoy more photos of Chandelier bar at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas that don’t really do it justice, but they’re the best we could manage after all the comped drink voucher research, if you get our drift.


Libertine Social Opens at Mandalay Bay

Libertine Social, a new bar and restaurant, has been unveiled at Mandalay Bay.

Yes, we got some photos. We know how you are.

Libertine Social sits in the former Shanghai Lily space. Now, it’s a lot more chillable.

A “libertine” is someone devoid of moral or sexual restraints. So, yeah, a pretty good fit for Sin City. Note: In Vegas, restraints cost extra!

All the news releases and articles we read about Libertine Social repeatedly mention the name of “James Beard Award-winning chef Shawn McClain,” as if that should mean something to laypersons like us. We’re going to assume if someone gets an award for their beard, they’re probably good at other things as well.

A news release says Libertine Social’s “eclectic design captures the abandon of the restaurant.” We actually have a fear of abandonment, but we’re working through it.

While we don’t know their name, whoever did the interior design of Libertine Social clearly knew what they were doing.

The restaurant has two bars, a Main Bar (below) and “more intimate” (translation: smaller) Arcade Bar.

We dig the Main Bar’s vibe. Enough of this trend of chairs without cushioning, though, Las Vegas.

The restaurant’s Main Bar “features a diverse set of ways to imbibe that celebrate the spirit of partying in Las Vegas with a world-renowned mixologist at the reins.” Psst. There aren’t any world-renowned mixologists, but it’s adorable how people in public relations think there are.

Libertine Social’s now world-famous (he’s appeared in this blog) mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim has created a cocktail menu with “Elevated Shots” (specialty shots with liquors like vanilla bean-infused plantation rum), “Swizzles” (icy Caribbean cocktails stirred with swizzle sticks made from the Quararibea turbinata tree), “Draft Cocktails” (handmade cocktails made “with the efficiency and speed of a draft system”), “Barrel-Aged Cocktails” and “Bottled Cocktails.”

Apparently, ice is a big deal at both of Libertine Social’s bars, “with diamonds, cubes, pellets and spheres perfected for each drink.” When ice pellets catch on in Las Vegas, you’ll know where they got their start.

On the food side of things, the menu aspires to “encompass the social spirit of a house party,” with gourmet toasts and dips, “indulgent flatbreads,” sausage boards and other options “encouraging guests to share and socialize.”

First, we were once expelled from college for showing someone our sausage board.

Second, if we ever have a band, we’re going to call it the Indulgent Flatbreads.

“We’ll pay for parking at Las Vegas casinos when rabbits fly!” Oh, right.

While we didn’t get a chance to try the food or drink, we’ll definitely be back to Libertine Social.

We might tease them a bit, but the space is unpretentious and welcoming, and is clearly intended to encourage hanging out and mingling. You know, being social. All the kids are doing it. (Libertine Social has, thankfully, spared us the table shuffleboard and cornhole. You’ll live, Millennials!)

Libertine Social at Mandalay Bay is open Monday through Sunday, 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. If you check it out, we’d love to hear what you think.


Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 24: Pinballs to the Wall, Strip and Downtown Discoveries and More

There’s a little something for everyone in this installment of the highly overrated Vital Vegas Podcast.

For starters, we’ve got an enlightening interview with Larry Galbraith, one of the owners of the new Fremont Arcade at Neonopolis, downtown. Come to find out, there’s more to pinball machines than meets the eye (a metric ass-ton more).

Galbraith walks us through the new arcade to talk about the 16 custom and limited edition pinball machines and other offerings at the new downtown diversion.

We tend to prefer our machines to be of the slot variety, rather than pinball, but Fremont Arcade’s rare, custom machines won us over.

We’ve also got all the latest Las Vegas news, as well as exclusive discoveries on The Strip and downtown, to help you get the most from your next Las Vegas visit.

Get the inside scoop about the renovated Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan (pictured below), the Riviera implosion, Lucky Dragon, Amorino Gelato at Linq promenade, Pete Rose’s exit from the Pete Rose Sports Bar & Grill, the new Game Lodge at Twins Peaks and so much less!

Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan has to be one of the most stunning in the world, and we’re not just saying that because we are a Las Vegas blog. We’re saying that because we have eyes.

We also talk Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand, Blue Man Group’s 10,000th performance in Vegas, the closing of “Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding” at Bally’s and Paul Zerdin’s “Mouthing Off” at Planet Hollywood, all the shops shuttering at Pawn Plaza and the two-year anniversary of SLS Las Vegas.

Take a listen! It makes us feel like our Las Vegas obsession, resulting in sleepless nights, liver damage and lack of a sex life, is totally worth it.

August 30

Photo Effects | PhotoMania: Free Online Photo Effects, Filters & Fun Photos

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August 30

HTML Colour Names

Modern browsers support 140 named colors, which are listed below. Use them in your HTML and CSS by name, Hex color code or RGB value.

August 29

Longform analysis of SEO sites

My thoughts so far

Thoughts about the long form tests whilst at OVG.

Three sites were created:

Both offices and transit van are still in the top 10 for their competitive(ish) keywords, but private jet charter is nowhere - and never was.

Some noted attributes:

Site Words Pages External Links on home page SEO Notes
Charter 5500 10 25  No images, lots of headings per paragraphs. Seemingly poorly written - simplistic. Internal links seem over optimised.Headings are keyword based, rather than questions etc. Complexity factor (Lexical Density) : 26%. The word 'you' is by far the most common keyword.
Offices 2500 25 13  Has some images. Content is diverse and about the West End, rather than "rent offices xxx" etc. Links to internal pages not SEO'd. Google site verified. Complexity factor (Lexical Density) : 47%. West, office and end are all the most popular words in the text.
Transit 3000 loads (product pages) 11

 Lower headings per paragraphs than Charter, but not as low as Offices.Complexity factor (Lexical Density) : 32%. The word 'transit' is by far the most common keyword. 

August 29 - Test your mobile sites and responsive web designs - Test your mobile sites and web app [...]
A mobile testing site - very useful.
August 29

Text Mechanic™ – Text Manipulation Tools

Welcome to! Simple, single task, browser based, text manipulation tools.

August 29

Domain Name Search

Domize is a domain name search engine that begins [...]

Domain name search

Start typing a domain name below: (e.g. for the website you'd type just “abc”)

Advanced Search

Quickly search a large combination of terms by entering a comma-seperated list of words, letters or numbers between a set of [square braces]. You can even enter multiple lists in a query. For example, type [red,blue,green][light,lamp] to search for redlight, redlamp, bluelight... etc

Domize also provides a few list-generating commands:

  • [like:word] lists synonyms of the word you enter
  • [rhyme:word] lists lists other words that rhyme with the word you enter
  • [words:regex] returns all dictionary words matching regex
  • [bulk:http://url/textfile.txt] extracts a list of words from the given url

As well as some pre-made lists described below:



The 5 vowels of the english language: a, e, i, o u

Vowels (including y)

The 5 vowels plus "y"


The 21 consonants in the english language


All letters in the English alphabe


All 10 single digits 0-9

English digits

"one" to "ten", spelled out

English digits to twenty

"one" to "twenty", spelled out

English tens



Common word endings, "er", "ed", "ster" etc.


Most common English prepositions


A list of common colors


A list of the most common English verbs

Phonetic alphabet

The phonetic alphabet: "alpha", "bravo", "charlie" etc.
August 29

Parallax JS

Simple Parallax Scrolling parallax.js

Parallax.js is a dirt simple parallax scrolling effect inspired by and implemented as a jQuery plugin.

Download Parallax.js v1.4.2

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ACAS home page


August 29

CIPD inform

CIPD inform

August 29

CIPD home page


August 29

jInvertScroll - A lightweight jQuery horizontal Parallax Plugin

What is it?
It's a lightweight plugin for jQuery that allows you to move in horizontal with a parallax effect while scrolling down.
It's extremely easy to setup and requires nearly no configuration. 

By using this plugin, we expect that you know the limitations of horizontal parallax scrolling, for instance if the screen height is smaller than the content, the content will be clipped, but this plugin is intended anyway for webdesigners and -developers, so we think that you know what you're doing. ;-)