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What is Baby Boy Sleepsuits? |Tokating Trading Agency

Normally, there are contemplations which are of mo [...]

The frequency of has diminished significantly because of the ‘Back To Sleep’ battle which taught experts and guardians on the significance of putting sound children to think about their backs. It has additionally been appeared to be gainful to put babies on a solid sleeping pad that has no plastic covering, with their Sleep suits For Babies feet to the bed foot board and a sweeping tucked into the base portion of the bed so it can’t catch the youngster or ride up finished its face.

December 09

gymnastics pads

Looking for Gym Pads for your regular gym? Then you should contact one of the well-known companies like Kelmatt. We have a range of various safety pads which make you secure whenever you playing and sports or exercise in the gym. We have standard quality in Gymnastics Pads which give more comfort and safety. We are leading manufacturing and supplying companies of various type of products like signage, sports, camping accessory and many more, if you have to need that type of product then you can visit our website and place your order.

December 09

How Does SEO Improve My Business in Los Angeles? |Tokating Trading Agency

Many brands and agencies are reluctant to search f [...]

If you are planning to hire an SEO agency you need to be careful. You need to figure out your target audience, SEO budget, and the goals before you start looking for SEO Company in Los Angeles. There are many internet marketing companies located globally. You need to understand that you cannot expect good rankings overnight. SEO is a long-term process that needs a lot of time as there’s a lot of competition in every field. There’s no shortcut to SEO.

December 09

A List of Bike Rental Startups That Are Making It Big in India

The market for online bike rental business is grow [...]

The rise of bike rental startups in India has brought an excellent opportunity for all the bike enthusiasts to travel across the country comfortably, conveniently and affordably. Now people can explore a new city on a rented bike of their choice, which allows them to enjoy a joyful ride experience without worrying about the bike maintenance hassles.

The companies offering bike rental services enable people to choose a fully serviced bike from a varied range in a few simple taps.

The Bike Rental Business Opportunity in India

The market for online bike rental business is growing at an encouraging pace. An increasing number of startups are taking an interest in building successful bike rental platforms with unique offerings.

The bike enthusiasts and travelers are the main target audience of such bike rental startups. The adventure enthusiasts love riding bikes and exploring new places. Owning a premium bike like Royal Enfield, Duke KTM or Harley Davidson can cost a lot. Such people like the concept of renting a bike and taking the ride whenever needed. To stand out from their competitors, the companies have started providing related rental services for products such as biker jackets, gloves, cameras, gears etc. Not only for traveling purposes, but people are also opting for bike rental services for personal and work commute as well. The market for two-wheeler rental startups in India has abundant opportunities and such novel rental app platforms are fueling a new passion among urban people.

Depending on your needs and preference, you can rent from a wide variety of bikes for desired time frames. Common rental tenures offered by bike rental apps are:

  • Up to 4 hours
  • 24-Hour Rental
  • 48-Hour Rental
  • 72-Hour Rental
  • 1 Week
  • 1 Month
  • Over 1 Month

The cost of renting a bike depends on the time period and type of bike you pick for your needs. Companies have also started to offer customized schedules keeping the customers’ requirements in focus.

How a Typical Bike Rental App Platform Works?

Bike rental app platforms make the process of renting a two-wheeler fast, hassle-free and on-demand. Majority of them offer their apps for both Android and iOS devices. Through such apps, the users can regulate their account, check nearby bike stations, find available bikes, make reservations and pay securely. The whole process includes a few simple steps:

  1. Firstly the user needs to register via an app/website.
  2. On the home screen of a bike rental app, one can provide the pickup location and booking date.
  3. Then the user can view the list of available bikes.
  4. The bike details page gives more details about the selected bike to make the selection process easy.
  5. After choosing the bike, the user can add accessories if needed.
  6. Then the review cart page appears where the user can go through the whole booking before making the payment.
  7. Finally, on the payments page, the user can choose the payment option and make the payment to confirm the booking.
  8. After finalizing the booking, the rider can either pick it up from a nearby bike station or choose to get it delivered at his doorstep at an additional cost.
  9. When done using the bike, the rider returns the bike to a designated bike station.
  10. The platform admin can track all the bikes and their riders’ activities in real-time.

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December 09

Uber for Maids: Getting Help for House Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

An on-demand app that specializes in cleaning serv [...]

If you are looking for the next big business opportunity, we are sure you would have noticed the recent popularity of on-demand service apps.

On-demand has become the hottest trend in the current marketplace. It is the fusion of convenience, variation, and availability. Uber has become synonymous with the word on-demand. Uber-like apps are meant to be reliable and affordable. There is n number of Uber-like apps and services including on-demand handyman, massage, and movers.

There is a whole world to explore when it comes to the possibilities created by on-demand apps – and one of them can be coming out with the next innovation is home cleaning app.

It’s a great way to increase customer acquisition- by providing accessibility of effective and efficient services to a large number of people at low prices.

An On-demand House Cleaning App – How Does It Help?’

An on-demand app that specializes in cleaning services and maids-for-hire may just be the next big thing you would want to tap into.

  • House cleaning is a time consuming, exhausting and a physically tasking chore.
  • A thorough cleaning of the entire house might take up a whole day, if not more.

With the help of the on-demand service apps, you can simply delegate these arduous tasks to hired freelance maids and servicemen, whose services come with company assurances and are testified for by several previous clients.

Uber for house cleaning and similar services might be the next big hit- mutually beneficial for both clients and service workers and a lucrative business endeavor for developers and investors.

Understanding the Market Potential

The market opportunity for an on-demand cleaning service is huge – people are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to save time by delegating chores to hired professionals.

Not only this allows you to spend your free time with family and friends, but also getting something as important as house cleaning and maintenance are done by professionals, that will ensure you to get the best quality service at the minimal possible rates.

So how does an on-demand home cleaning service work, exactly?

The service model is fairly simple.

The Benefits and Features of a Maid On-demand App

By signing up for an on-demand service app as a provider, you can expand your network and make your services available to thousands of people in the locality.

You only have to create a profile specifying what kind of services you offer and your charges, as well as the areas where you can provide service, and the app will do the rest to put you in touch with the interested clients.

Once you have completed the order, customers can leave with glowing reviews and ratings on your profile. As a result, it increases your visibility to other potential clients and you can also provide feedback through the app regarding your experience with the client.

There are several attractive features offered by on-demand service apps that might interest customers as well as service providers to sign up. We have discussed some of these features below:

Features for Service Requesters and Customers:

Not only will customers have access to a wide range of services provided by companies and freelancers in their locality, but also will get competitive prices for these services. Also, many on-demand service apps offer perks, discounts, and brownie points to their new customers as well as loyalty points to their long-term customers.

Customers can rest easy with the assurance that the services they hire are verified by the Admins of the on-demand cleaning service app as well as spoken for by the past customers who have left reviews on the company or individual’s profile.

Features for Service Providers:

Cleaning companies and similar service providers such as maids-for-hire will find new and efficient ways of building their reputation and brand as well as to bring their services to a wider pool of potential customers.

Since the entire process of booking and hiring to complete a task, as well as deciding the price for the services is online, customers won’t have to worry about fraud. And service providers won’t have to think about customers trying to get away with paying less than the prices they agreed on or demanding services they have not paid for.

Know More About Uber for Maids.

December 09

What is the survival rate for autoimmune hepatitis? |Tokating Trading Agency

In the United States, approximately 8.5 million pe [...]

Many of these conditions are on the rise. For example, between 2001 and 2009 the Diabetes Association reported an increase of 23% in the incidence of Type 1 diabetes. The incidence of celiac disease is reported to be 1 in 133 people.

Reasons for these increases aren’t fully known. While most sufferers have a genetic predisposition to develop any given autoimmune disease, genes do not change fast enough to explain such increases. Most researchers believe there must be environmental factors at work.To emphasize the importance of continuing research into finding the causes for autoimmune conditions, consider this: 1 in 69 women under the age of 50 will eventually have breast cancer, but almost 1 in 9 women of childbearing age will eventually have an autoimmune disease.

December 09

Benefits of Solar Panels – Mahindra Susten

Organizations ranging from agriculture to manufact [...]

December 09

Sell My House Fast - Jamie Buys Houses

Are you thinking, "I want to sell my house fast"? [...]

December 09

Mobile App Development Client Questionnaire

When your business or startup needs a mobile app d [...]

When your business or startup needs a mobile app development partner to successfully execute a project for you, getting your requirements clear is a very important first step. A major reason for failed or poorly executed app projects is neglect for a well-planned requirement gathering process, commonly known as the discovery phase. A poorly conducted or overlooked discovery phase can result in project deliverables not meeting a client’s expectations, wasting valuable time and money.

A mobile app development client questionnaire is a great starting point for requirement gathering and laying a solid foundation to build amazing software products that live up to a client’s expectations. First of all, it helps in simplifying the entire app development process. It will help the app development firms to be more knowledgeable and professional about their work from the initial stage of a new client relationship. It proves that they have a procedure to follow for their services.

Below you will find a series of questions broken down into logical categories than a professional app development company may ask you to understand your specific app development needs and provide an accurate cost and timeline estimate. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we are here to explain you the most significant questions you need to be able to answer.


While defining a mobile strategy is somehow alike to defining a business plan, it is very circumstantial. Some of the clients might be having a business plan complete with competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, elevator pitch, GTM pitch and everything you can think about it. Having a well thought out product development strategy significantly increases the chances of an app being successful. Here are a few questions related to mobile strategy a mobile app development company can ask you to get a better understanding of the objectives and goals of your projects.

  • What is the overall goal of your app?
  • Are there any references or similar applications? if Yes, share details.  
  • Need assistance with refining app concept?
  • Need assistance in technology selection and implementation approach?
  • Need assistance for competitive analysis?
  • Need assistance in defining business model?
  • Do you prefer online or in-person brainstorming workshop sessions with experts?
  • Need assistance in creating the blueprint of the application (Wireframes, FSD, BRD)?
  • What is the anticipated number of app users?


With a design-driven development process, your app development partner can provide a development team with a clear insight of your requirements, keeping your project on schedule and within budget. Because a quality UI/UX design requires an expertise in mobile design, hence, you must look for agencies with a considerable mobile design experience. In addition, you must be ready to answer the below questions for quality design related outcomes.

  • Do you have the sketches or wireframes ready?
  • Do you have visual mockups of all the screens?
  • Do you need separate designs for iOS and Android?
  • Do you have a style guide or branding guidelines we need to follow?

If you want us to design your app

  • Do you have the sketches or wireframes ready?
  • Do you need separate designs for iOS and Android?
  • Do you have any reference link/s for an app you want us to use?
  • Can you share your logo file in vector format?

Target Platforms And Development Approaches

You can choose to go native for both the platforms (iOS & Android) for a superior user experience. In case the limited budget is prohibiting you from building the same, you can choose to use a cross-platform app development approach.


  • iPhone
  • Android phone
  • iPad
  • Android tablet

Development Approach

  • Native app development – Java, Swift, Kotlin?
  • Hybrid using Ionic and PhoneGap?
  • Cross-platform using Xamarin?
  • Web app – fixed layout?
  • Web app – responsive layout?

Know More About Mobile App Development.

December 09

What are the benefits of using organic cotton? |Tokating Trading Agency

If you get nothing else out of buying organic baby [...]

You may not be aware that in addition to organic plant-based textiles, you can also find animal products that are environmentally friendly.  You’ve likely heard of organic meats from the supermarket.  These items bear the organic label because the animals they come from are free of hormones and antibiotics, and they are generally free-range and humanely treated.  Luckily, those who raise animals for this purpose strive to get as much use out of the animals as possible.  This is why you can buy organic leather.  But you can also expand your horizons to include humanely treated wool (sheep past their prime are kept in free-range pasture land instead of being slaughtered) and peace silk is harvested without killing the worms that create it.

The nice thing about baby organic clothes is that vendors often strive to use eco-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process.  This not only includes factories that pollute less, but also the use of chemical-free dyes.  While many people think you can’t get brilliant coolers without chemicals, there are actually many plant-based dyes that offer a rainbow of hues.

December 09

Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai – UK Realty

UK Realty has two lavish upcoming residential proj [...]

December 09

What is the best dairy free ice cream? |Tokating Trading Agency

Almond Ice Cream Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup cocon [...]


When using anfor this recipe, take care to adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the freezing of the bowl. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, ignore this step.In a medium-sized pan, add coconut cream, coconut milk, cacao butter, coffee grounds, and ¼ cup coconut sugar.

Take the vanilla pods and slice them lengthwise, then remove the seeds and put them into the pan with the coconut mixture. Note that if you want more flavor from the vanilla, you can add the pods as well.

Using low heat, mix everything in the pan with careful attention and allow it to bubble just a bit. Be careful not to let it boil because as soon as it bubbles you need to remove it from the heat and let it cool. Let it sit until it’s cool, approximately 40 minutes to an hour.

December 09

Know more about Russian escorts Andheri

You also have to create an online profile about yo [...]

If you want to become an escort and earn some quick money in your free time, then you should definitely be a part of the Andheri escorts.If you are a naughty and a fun loving girl, then you have definitely a lot give in to this industry.

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Business Travelers Security transportation South Africa

If you are not paying attention to the additional safety and security transportation south Africa needs for staff on travel abroad then it is highly likely that you may be placing your own organization at risk – both in terms of their physical safety, but also of potential future litigation.

December 09

Find Plumbers in Putney

Looking for a plumbing service in Putney? WPJ Heat [...]