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Powder and Dry Product Fillers Machines

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Best Modified Atmosphere Packaging and MAP System

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MAP Packaging

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5 Questions Dentists Need to Ask Payroll Service Providers | ERG Payroll & HR

Interested in improving employee engagement? Learn [...]

How to Make Your Employees 48% More Engaged

Too often, new employees show up to an environment that will not slow down for a moment to make sure that they are properly set up for success. As a matter of fact, some places wear this as a badge of honor: “If you can’t keep up with the mayhem, this might not be the place for you.”

This is not only bad for the long term productivity of the new team member, but also the company. The new employee wastes a day or more performing tasks that are haphazardly thrown together and they get a bad first impression by the lack of organization.

Engaging Early

One of the biggest challenges with hiring new team members is knowing how productive and engaged they will be as a member of your team. Unfortunately, it can take weeks, months, or even years to know if you have made a good hire.

One simple process has proven to make employees 48% more engaged, yet only 17% of companies have taken advantage of this very simple (and fun) new hire onboarding tool.

Adding gamification to a formalized employee onboarding process has not only proven to increase engagement by 48%, companies using gamification as part of their onboarding process also improve turnover by 36%.

Why Gamification?

People have a tendency to follow through on tasks if the work has an element of fun to it. In the above cited Aberdeen Group research paper the most surprising differentiator between Best-in-Class organizations and laggards is the use of gamification in the onboarding process.

How to Get Started

I know what you are thinking. Gamification? Really? Do you want us to add a Playstation to our break room and foosball tables to the patio? No, that’s not it at all. I suggest taking games that you are comfortable with and adapting them to your organization.

One game we have rolled out with our clients in the past is a Scavenger Hunt. We use onboarding technology to track the points and progress of a new hire as they complete sets of tasks. We make it fun by putting tasks in the game that drive people to places in the company that might take months otherwise.

For example: if you are hiring a salesperson and they would not normally interact with the people from support, you can add a task that makes them “find out the middle names of three support team members” or “find three employees that own a cat.” People will have fun with it and it will make them more engaged, sooner.

Another best practice for improving employee engagement is to survey your new hires after they complete the “New Hire Games” to get their feedback on how to improve the process and what they thought of the game. This will help you to make adjustments as you go and make sure that your games are not lame. This will also further engage an employee when they see you use their suggestions in future iterations of the game.

Seeing the Big Picture

The great thing about this is that you can use the results of these games as data points to determine what similarities there were in the onboarding process of your top performers. How did they perform on the games that you provided to them and what feedback did they give you during the survey process.

By using a simple survey system like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms you can gain access to valuable data. The metrics over time will make this a valuable part of not only your onboarding process, but your recruiting process.

Eliminate Excuses

I get a lot of excuses when I talk to people about formalizing their onboarding process and making gamification a part of it. “We already have a checklist,” and “It’s really hard because our company is so unique,” are just some of the excuses. If I had a dollar for every company that told me their challenges were unique, I would have literally hundreds of dollars (and I could buy an Apple Watch).

Don’t fall victim to excuses. A few simple steps will not only make your new hires more productive and engaged, but it will also help to improve your workplace culture. You can create the culture and workplace that people want to be a part of. Happy gaming!

Thanks for reading.

If you are looking for more insight on improving employee engagement or more information on the gamification component of new hire onboarding, shoot me a message.

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5 Questions Dentists Need to Ask Payroll Service Providers | ERG Payroll & HR

What questions should you be asking when growing y [...]

5 Questions Dentists Need to Ask Payroll Service Providers

There are a lot of options out there when choosing a payroll service for growing your dental practice. Making the wrong decision can not only leave you with more compliance issues than you started with, but make for a difficult transition when you need to change again.

Choosing a payroll service provider is a big decision. Make sure that you take the time to ask the important questions that allow you to not only learn if the provider can serve you properly, but they are a fit with your team’s personality.

Are they doing it well and how can you tell?

If you choose the right payroll partner they will help to remove the liability and tactical work associated with processing payroll while help growing your dental practice. They will become an invaluable extension of your team. If you choose the wrong payroll provider, you will be just another number, deal with constant errors, and work with inexperienced “customer service” reps rather than true payroll partners.

There are also a lot of myths about what makes a good payroll partner for your dental practice. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you might not think to ask. Here are five questions you can ask your payroll provider to make a better decision;

What else do you do?

Sometimes small business owners really want to partner with a company that can do a lot of different things for them. This can be a challenge because you often want to be able to grow in the partnership but you want to make sure that your partner is a specialist at what you need to run your business.

Be careful how much weight you put on having a single provider. If your payroll service provider also offers ancillary services such as 401k or insurance services, you will likely not talk to the same service team or get the same invoice. These services are normally handled by another business unit or maybe even another company altogether. It might just be multiple companies sharing the same logo.

Make sure that payroll and payroll tax filing are the core business of the vendor and not a “bolt on.”

How many clients are each of your support specialists responsible for?

This is an overlooked metric when dealing with national payroll providers. Often times your “dedicated” payroll specialist is the same “dedicated” specialist for 300 other companies.

You may also encounter some fuzzy math here. Many large payroll companies will try to say that their specialists only handle 30-40 accounts each. They are often part of a team that is handling several hundred accounts and they divide that number by the number of teammates regardless of how many are available at any one time.

Do you have support team members that are focused primarily on dental practices?

Even if a company purports to have tens of thousands of dental practices around the country, your support team may have never worked with one.

You know that dental and medical practices are unique and it takes a unique partner to support your needs. Our team is dedicated to supporting other practices just like yours and know how to communicate with your team.

What types of additional charges could we incur?

It is worth a shot but you will probably get an answer that it is “all inclusive” or “bundled” pricing.

This question is best posed when doing a reference check. You might ask the reference “are there additional items that you are billed for throughout the course of a year other than payroll processing?”

Payroll providers will often charge any time a service issue becomes too complicated or for quarterly or year-end services. This can be difficult to get pricing on during the sales process as they become “one-off” situations.

Can I meet my support specialist?

This is a great question because it allows you to know if you will be working with someone that has too many accounts. If there is never a time they can slip away to meet their clients, they are either not local or are overworked.

Even a simple phone call will help you get acquainted and see if you are a personality fit with your support team. Too often people buy because they have a great rapport with the sales rep and then they never see them again.

I hope that this helps when you are choosing a payroll service provider for your dental practice.

At ERG, we believe it is important to have a “face-to-face” partnership with our clients and if our support team is too overwhelmed, we could not do that. We want you to know them and them to know you. We cap our Support Specialists at 20 accounts and only hire people with previous payroll and HR experience to support our clients. We know how important it is to talk to someone who has “been there before.”

If you would like more information about how we support our clients, please send me an e-mail or call.



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Stop Missing Your Gym Sessions. Follow These Steps | Fit To Last

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The key is to find a training partner with a similar schedule to you, as this makes the training timing easier to coordinate. When you train with someone you are more likely to stick to the training, as well as being more accountable and more motivated to push yourself. Personal Trainer Balham buddies are lurking everywhere – you may even have one behind you right now…

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What Do Mean by Solar Hot Water Collector?

The solar hot water collector or the flat plate co [...]

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Solar Vacuum Tube; Its Functioning & Usage

Solar vacuum tubes are a new-age addition to the s [...]

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Personal Loan Providers – Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited (DFLTD)

Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited (DFLTD), a topmost finance provider company which offering you personal loans are fast, easy and affordable with lowest interest rate to fulfill your personal ambitions such as a wedding in the family, home renovation, purchase of a new vehicle and much more.

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The perks of using solar power cannot be overstate [...]

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How Important It Is To Install Solar Water Heater For Pool?

Solar pool heating has gotten more and more popula [...]

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Who Does Debt Consolidation Loans – Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited (DFLTD)

Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited (DFLTD) provides you debt consolidation loan service which can help your all credit card debts and loans into one single account with a low-interest rate.

Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited (DFLTD) can help your all credit card debts and loans into one single account with a low-interest rate.

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5 Exercises Women Over 50 Need To Be Doing Right Now | Fit To Last

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As a personal trainer Battersea who works with women over 50, I often hear that they are being told to slow down and not push harder – nothing could be further from the truth.Now is the time to pump up the intensity, but in a controlled and targeted manner so you maximise the benefits as they relate to your specific needs.